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Whether you’re wandering wide-eyed through the grand halls of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, or edging onto a crowded subway line, chances are you’re in eyeshot of a Beatrice Coron artwork. This French-raised New Yorker, who first dabbled in the cleaning trade and truck-driving business before finding her niche in the world of art, is perhaps most famous for her public art works, which can be found in airports, subway stations and libraries, and portray the secret life of cities. Beatrice, inspired by memories, associations of words, ideas and observations of everyday life, dreams of creating a form of expression that encompasses all of her creative instincts. Often portrayed through video installations, papercuts and book illustrations, Beatrice’s works capture the imaginary worlds that exist behind the well-known facade of a metropolis. Her amazing papercuts are available for purchase via her website.

Image: BZCT, Numbered edition of 500, dimension 24 x 18″, lasercut on 100% cotton paper, price $150