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Conscience: FAUCET FACE

For those who don’t possess a natural knack for science and maths, the fact that invisible atoms of hydrogen and oxygen can collide to make droplets of water is utterly magical. Even more amazing is that once a droplet of water has been created, it continues to exist in the universe in everything from the clouds, to a crisp leaf of lettuce and flowing waterways. While it can often be easy to take water for granted, many people living in developing countries only have access to sources of water that can cause more harm than good – a truth that was the catalyst for the creation of the Faucet Face initiative. When a glass water bottle is purchased for the purpose of being refilled with deliciously clean tap water, enough funds are generated to provide an impoverished family with 100 litres of clean drinking water. The proceeds from the water bottles are used to build and distribute water filters to Indian families living in areas without a clean source of drinking water.