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The art of quiltmaking soothes the soul, with every stitch inching the maker ever closer to their envisioned artwork, which then becomes an artefact that continues to serve a practical purpose long after the final stitch. A doyenne of quilts, late Brisbane quiltmaker Ruth Stoneley was known for her prolific output of beautiful works and used her Highgate Hill shop, Patchwork Supplies, to connect with other makers. To celebrate Ruth’s legacy, QAG is hosting Ruth Stoneley: A Stitch in Time as part of its current exhibition Quilts 1700–1945. The exhibition traces Ruth’s evolution from her early works, which adhered to contained patterns of conventional quilts, through to the more abstract and expressive pieces she later went on to create.

Image: Ruth Stoneley, Image Detail, Quilt, 1981, Image courtesy of Queensland Art Gallery.